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This page includes photos of Skodas in the USA past  and present . Skoda Felicias and 440s/Octavias were sold in the USA during the 1950s and early 60s, though they must have been a tough sell during the height of the Cold War. Others have been imported from Canada or the Czech Republic and other former Eastern Bloc countries. If you have a Skoda in the USA or know of one, . Ppease e-mail us!

Skodas in the USA!

From Left to Right:

1. A 1961 Skoda Felicia in Illinois (2009)

2. A 1968 Skoda Octavia Combi  in California

3. A 1961 Skoda Felicia for sale on Craigslist in Temecula, California (2010)

From Left to Right:

4. Another 1961 Illinois Skoda Felicia (2008)

5. A lovely red Felicia that appeared for sale on eBay in Florida in 2011

6. This 1961 Felicia appeared on eBay in 2012 in Granite Falls, Washington.

From Left to Right:

7. A 1958 Skoda 440 offered for sale on Craiglist in St.Louis for $440

8. The same car. Obviously it suffered from serious rust, but its still amazing to have survived.

9. These were sold in the USA in the 1950s, and is my personal favorite front engined Skoda.

From Left to Right:

10. An ex-Canadian and very rare Skoda 1102 Tudor for sale in Illinois in 2012.

11.A  1960 Skoda Felicia in a Miami collection (2010)

12. A 1959 Skoda Felicia in the same collection (2010)

From Left to Right:

13. Another Canadian Skoda in Illinois c.2012.

14. A very clean Skoda 105 in Illinois in 2013. Illinois and Florida appear to be the US Skoda Meccas.

15. A beautiful 1969 Skoda 1000MB that sold in Florida for $5200 in October 2011

From Left to Right:

16. A lovely 1973 Skoda 100S in Florida.

17. A nice 120GLS in Florida, belonging to the same owner as the Skoda 100S.