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From Left to Right:

59. 1990 Thunderbird Rally in BC - this Skoda 120 won the Rally outright 2 or 3 times. Driver: McGuffie

60. A Skoda Rapid in the 1990 Thunderbird Rally. Pics from the owner . Nigel Purvis was the driver.

61. The same Rapid after hitting a snowbank trying to keep ahead of a Mazda 323GTX.

From Left to Right:

62. This Rapid ran it two T-Bird Rallies, while the white 135GLi was driven in one.

63. A 1934 Skoda Popular in Ontario Canada! It is said to be in recently running condition.

64. Same car. It belongs to Joe Janakovic, whose father owned a Skoda dealership c.1988-92

From Left to Right:

10. A 1960 Skoda Felicia for sale in Toronto in 2010.

11. Same Car.

12. Same car again. Seller states that it was imported from Arizona 20 years ago.


This page includes photos of Canadian Skodas both past  and present . A few examples remain today in spectacular condition, such as the actual Rapid from the Czechoslovak Pavilion at Expo 86. Others have lived a more difficult life, and now sit out their remaining years in fields or forests, long since abandoned by their owners. Regardless of condition, we’d love to add pictures of any Canadian Skodas you may have. Please e-mail us!

Skodas in Canada!

From Left to Right:

1. A 1989 Skoda 135GLi in Ontario - Present status is unknown.

2. Same Car.

3. A 1989 Skoda 135GLi in Vancouver. Purchased in 1990, it was sent to the wreckers in 2000.

From Left to Right:

4. A 1986 Skoda 120GLS for sale in Saskatchewan c.2009, current status unknown.

5. Same Car.

6. A 1986 Skoda 120GLS on Car Domain in Ontario. Believed to be with us still.

From Left to Right:

7. A Skoda 120GLS in Alberta, current status unknown.

8. A Skoda 120GLS and 135GLi downtown Vancouver. The 135GLi is still with us (Registry Car No.1)

9. Look quick…Skoda!

From Left to Right:

13. Dennis Jeffery’s 1986 Skoda 120GLS in Ontario c.1990.

14. Same Car. It was destroyed while parked in Vancouver in 1994.

15. A very nice Skoda in Alberta that’s received some love and attention. Still with us?

From Left to Right:

16. A Skoda 120GLS ‘Rally’ car. This appears to be a dealer job, with allow wheels and striping!

17. Same Car. There was a Skocar Rally car that toured dealers back in the day.

18. A 1986 Skoda 120GLS in alternative dealer ‘rally’ livery.

From Left to Right:

19. Same Car

21. Skoda dealer in Edmonton in 1991. Note the Rapid sans motor, a 135 or 120, and 2 Innocentis.

22. Jay’s Skoda on Seymour Street, downtown Vancouver c.1986.

From Left to Right:

23. A 1986 Skoda Rapid that made its way to Washington State.

24. Same Car. It is still with is, but now located in Colorado (see Registry No.8)

25. A rare Skoda Rapid Cabriolet. Note the lack of any B-Pillar. Located in BC

From Left to Right:

26. A  nice 120GLS believed to still be with us in BC.

27. A Skoda Rapid in Richmond BC. It is still believed to be with us.

28. A pristine 1986 Rapid in Alberta. It is still around, and in excellent condition!

From Left to Right:

29. A 1989 Skoda 135GLi in the 1992 Thunderbird Rally. This car may have won the rally!

30. 2 Skodas in BC. The photo was taken in 2009.

31. A very cool Rapid in Ontario, probably long since crushed.

From Left to Right:

32. A Skoda 120GLS in a New Brunswick forest. Photo taken in 2011.

33. Same Car. The plate states it was last insured in July 1993. It’s also a later 5-speed.

34. Same Car. Given the circumstances, the interior and seats are not too bad.

From Left to Right:

35. An early 1984 Skoda 120GLS 4-speed in New Brunswick.

36. Same Car. Note the ‘Sporty European Driving’ window sticker. The car was crushed c.1996-97

37. A Skoda in Medicine Hat, Alberta c.2007. That’s it…top right!

From Left to Right:

38. A scarce early 1982 120LS. Note the 4 round headlamps. Earliest Canadian Skoda known.

39. 1986 Skoda 120GLS undergoing restoration. Still with us in 2013.

40. Same owner, another Skoda 120GLS with Rapid front grill.

From Left to Right:

41. A Pair of Skodas in Ontario in 2011. Probably crushed now.

42. Same Cars.

43. Another Skoda 120GLS from the same owner.

From Left to Right:

44. A scarce 1988 Skoda135GLi in Quebec that’s currently being restored. Nice wheels!

45. Same Car. After years of storage, it appears to be in decent condition.

46. Nice interior. All 135GLi’s had the same beige/pinky interior. Seats were of decent quality.

From Left to Right:

47. A 1986 Skoda Rapid in an Edmonton yard in 2012.

48. An Illinois Skoda.

49. A 1986 Skoda Rapid that was for sale in Vancouver in 2013 for $3000.

From Left to Right:

50. A couple of Skodas found in a Quebec Yard in 2012! Note the Lada.

51. Same Car.

52. Note the FIAT Ritmo next to this 120GLS. The yard also held a couple of Dacias too!

From Left to Right:

53. A 1989 Skoda 135GLi in the Thunderbird Rally 2012.

54. The same car.

55. An amazingly clean Skoda in Ontario appeared for sale in 2013 with only some 5000kms!

From Left to Right:

56. A gaggle of Skodas holding out in Saskatchewan. Anyone interested? They are for sale (2013)

57. A beautiful 1963 Skoda Octavia Super in Quebec 2014

58. Same car - wow!