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This page includes various road tests, newspaper reports, and magazine articles on Skodas in Canada and North America. If you have or know of any Skoda press from the 1980s not on this page, please do e-mail us. Given that the Skoda was a bargain basement economy car with 1960s technology from a Communist country during a hot time of the Cold War, the reviews aren’t all that bad!

 ‘Czech car Checks out well’ by Tony Whitney (Vancouver Sun 1989)

 ‘Imports exclusively Canadian’ by Art Suderman (Calgary Herald c.1986)

 ‘The Canadian Caper’ by Dan Proudfoot (Road & Track 1985)

 ‘Skoda Estelle’ by L.J.K.Setright (Car & Driver 1981)

 Skoda Stories

Andy writes:

...As a side note, I was 13 (c.1984) when I attended the Toronto International Auto Show. In those days, it was held at the International Centre near the airport. The hall furthest to the back was usually reserved for accessory vendors, but that year the back wall of this hall was used by a bunch of car companies nobody had heard of. Each had only brought 3 or 4 cars. Starting on the left was Skoda, next to them were Dacia / ARO. Next was Yugo. Finally there was this company that had brought only two cars, boxy little hatchbacks. Funny, hard-to-pronounce name, Hyundai. Hmmm, I wonder whatever happened to them...............

Leonce writes:

Here a funny Skoda story i heard when i was a teenager, the governement in Prince Edward Island was thinking of banning Skodas because serveral skodas were blow off the Transcanada in windstorms!

Martin writes:

My Skoda Octavia Super belonged initially to author, car essayist and depositary of the make ,
Mr.Floyd Climer of Pasadena, Ca.

Mr Climer must have been a very busy man for he put off until 1965 entering the Super Octavia in the California DMV, thus making on paper...a 1965 Skoda Octavia Super ! Mr Climer ran his own monthly publication: Auto Topics. He is reputed for writing an article about his Skoda which he published in his monthly, along with all the other cars he owned.

Some years after his passing away, his estate liquidated the collection of cars he had. Amidst all the high-priced collectibles, they found this Skoda. It was viewed as an embarassing oddity that no one would acquire, the ugly duckling, so to speak . A Czech man however (his name withhold) recognized the utilitarian and robust quality of the car and got the Skoda for a sing and a dance! He became the second owner. He is reputed for running the Skoda until it broke down. Then left it to the burn under the hot California sun . In 1991 , it makes its way to the Hemmings'.

This is when I learned the origins of this car, the Climer Skoda. The man promised me a second Skoda if I came to pick-up ! Fresh out of school, into my junior years, to be freighting a truck across the continent made no sense: I had to pass !!

By 1998, I found myself actively looking again for a Skoda. You see...there was a '59 Felicia in my family. Even though rust had made our car road-unworthy, we nonetheless kept it on our farm as a utility vehicle; this is how i learned to drive, at the age of 11. Like I said, by '98, i felt like time was marching on with chance of finding another one , becoming very thin !

At the time, there were 4 Skodas in the Hemmings: a Seattle garage had a '59 Felicia, a man in N.Y. had a red '62Felicia with the fiberglass hardtop canopy, a man in the Mid-West had a Felicia sitting in his scapyard. The two first were all very tempting already...A fourth one was in Denver, Co.

This Denver car was a Super Octavia. The owner in Denver was very supportive of my enthusiasm towards his Skoda. Discussion was moving slowly...Till one day when it came to me that his car was the Skoda I had turned down in Pasadena seven years earlier. All information was verified back to the second owner, to match: This was the Climer Skoda !! This precluded any further considerations : this was the Skoda for me !

Being non-operative, the car was truck delivered to Montréal. It became a lenghty process to repair and clean the car. The sump was layered with a 3 inch-thick deposit of grim, same with the oïl filter. All the usual issues of a car that had been abandonned: fuel pump, fuel tank (nearly rusted through), vacuum advance, generator, brakes, chrome, tires, accessories. So far, so good; I had a London -connection supplying me parts for nickels and dimes !

I thought the water pump to be the largest challenge. So, a machine shop redid the shaft... Solid nickel is what they used, ok! Nylon-teflon for the mechanical joint, no problem! There was hope, after all for this car would run again !

Then the major problem : no power ! In first gear, the car would not take off. Back on our farm, the old Felicia had came to the same predicament of no power to take off. This problem had to be cornered : vacuum loss, advance loss, timing loss, dragging shoes. Those were still no answer to this recurring problem of powerlessness.

Many years later, on a fine sun day , a car show became reason to a maiden-voyage...with whatever power the car would deliver... As I am headed down the road ( unknowing the rain had all cancelled it ), shifting gear into third won't happen, gearbox grinding. Oh well...Let's try, fourth. Neither fourth will engage. Well... That's a blast?? Maiden-voyage with half the gearbox behind !

I will not disclose what happened next. You'd have to get me drunk or tortured... Let me just put it this way. The child of 11 learns the gears on the Skoda. By next Spring, the child has forgotten , believing the first gear positions identically to an American car. This mis-conception to prevail for forty years until unsuspected revelation... This Day of Enlightment is when this loss of power problem became remedied , once and for all !

How this realisation came through will remain locked in a vault... committed to complete secrecy of its owner.... the fourth owner , somewhat more enlightened by now, of the Climer Skoda".