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Besides Skoda, Canada received several other European imports during the 1980s that remained unavailable in the USA. Of these, Lada from Russia was the most famous, which sold cars and their Niva 4x4 as late as 1997.  Innocenti from Italy imported their diminutive De Tomaso Turbo, while the scarcest of all were Dacias and AROs from Romania. These were mostly sold in Quebec, where a combination of entry level Eastern Bloc economy status and Eastern winters meant a high attrition rate. Indeed, it was thought they were extinct until a few were discovered still alive in Quebec in 2012!

Dacias & Other Eastern Bloc Finds!

From Left to Right:

1. This running, driving Dacia 1410GTL was for sale in Quebec in 2013. Scarcer than a Sasquatch.

2. The photo of this Canadian Dacia was probably taken in the early 1980s.

3. A rare Romanian ARO 244 for sale in Quebec in 2013 for only $1250! Amazing condition!

From Left to Right:

4. The same 1410GTL see in Photo No.1 above. Condition appears impressive.

5. The last asking price was $4500 before the Kijiji ad was taken down. Sold?

6. A lot of Dacias in Quebec that managed to survive until 2012 before being crushed.

From Left to Right:

7. This Quebec yard/forest was found to yield many oddities including these 2 Dacias!

8. The black and white example is believed to have been used as a police vehicle in films

9. This red one looks fairly stock. As of writing (2013) they are still believed to exist.