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From 1982 until 1989, rear-engined Skodas from Communist Czechoslovakia were imported to Canada by a local distributor known as SkoCar. Along with other Eastern Bloc cars such as Lada, Yugo, and Dacia, Skodas in Canada were part of a brief wave of unusual automotive brands during the 80s not available in the USA.

This website is devoted to creating a registry of Skodas remaining in Canada. It is focused on the 120/130 series, but also includes earlier models (Felicia, Octavia) or post-VW era models if there are any! If you have any leads on any Skodas, Skoda owners, Skoda parts,  SkoCar or Skoda literature, or anything Skoda and Canada related, please do not hesitate to contact us! Thank You!

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Skoda Favorit’s in Canada!

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Although dated by their time and often the butt of ill-informed jokes, the Skoda 120/130/Rapid were in fact robust, simple, and fun to drive. In Europe they even enjoyed considerable motorsport success in their class. Skodas were also unique in the increasingly generic automotive marketplace of the 1980s. Indeed, no other car in Canada could claim to have a water-cooled rear-engine and four doors, let alone a sideways opening front trunk! Also, unlike most of their Eastern Bloc competitors, Skodas were not derivatives of Western designs, but were rather completely original.

Unfortunately for SkoCar and the Canadian Consumer, just as the  modern  front engine Skoda Favorit was about to enter production, VW Group bought Skoda and put an end to Skoda exports to Canada. Today, only a handful of  Skodas survive in North America. Like most entry level cars, Skodas were treated as disposable, while those that were cared for have had to endure a complete lack of parts support for well  over 20 years.